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What is andTransformation?

... a change-led operating model focused on continuously moving (growing) forward


... a new way of working where leaders connect across today’s boundaries to make shared decisions to accelerate growth


... your change-agile ‘move forward’ function, focused 100% on delivering the first years of your 5-7 year strategic plan

Elements of andTransformation™

Three elements work together to create the andTransformation™  operating model

  • The loop of continuous, evolving change

  • The structure that manages the loop and the Transformation Plan

  • The alignment frame to capture data and details for decisions


The andTransformation™  rhythm is Start – Stop – Reframe | Forward Shift














Each andTransformation™ loop has two primary goals: 

a) to deliver change for the near-term tomorrow and

b) to provide a strong foundation for continued movement toward the organization's strategic goals, one loop at a time.

Within each loop there are 3 Arcs and an Inflection Point.

Start New Work



New work is work not currently done in the organization; it can be viewed as tomorrow’s work.  New work creates value that keeps the organization relevant moving forward. New work is often a response to changing market and customer needs. The way current people, processes and technology are connected shift in new work; the way of working has changed.   

Stop Old Work



Old work is defined as today’s and yesterday’s work that will no longer be relevant in tomorrow’s work. Stopping old work is about letting go, about changing the way we add value. Stopping old work connects starting new work with reframing people and the organization. Old work is targeted and   eliminated and the people are reskilled for the new work.   

Reframe People

& Organization


Reframing people and the organization means shifting resources and behavior to be relevant in tomorrow’s value chain. The movement of people from old work to new work is fundamental to successful, evolving change. Reframe is where organizations invest in preparing their people for future needs, and frame the organization to be effective in the new way of working.    

Forward Shift Point



The Forward Shift Point is the inflection point between andTransformation™ loops;look back and measure success of the current loop; look forward and assess if still on target toward strategic goals, then frame next shift point. The Forward Shift Point is the endpoint for the defined goals and financial targets for each andTransformation™ loop. 

Why andTransformation™?

“Manage change or it manages you”


​Constant change is not natural for humans.  We are designed to seek safety and security; to stay static.  Yet, nothing stands still. Nothing… not markets, not customers, not technology, not the way we work.  Therefore, organizations must also always change to meet future needs.  Staying static is not an option.


All too often, change occurs ‘only if broken’.  An andTransformation™ operating model manages the fact that change is never once and done.  Change is constant, and done well, it is always evolving.  Change triggers become shifting frames rather than burning platforms. 

About Jennie Rodriguez


Jennie Rodriguez leads innovative strategic change, and works to make change in organizations better, easier and less disruptive. She leverages her many years of executive management experience at midmarket and large corporations across multiple industries.


Jennie specializes in partnering with leaders across the organization to translate growth strategies into disciplined transformation programs that deliver monetary and cultural benefits to people, the organization, investors and shareholders.

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